In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

My God, I pray that you bestow upon me as I, a most unworthy and faithless servant, write this letter the inspiration to convey appropriately and with adequate emphasis the importance of prudence when stepping into the castle that is the interior life of prayer and recollection. Allow the wisdom of Your Saints whom You chose to inspire with the knowledge to compose, and through whose hands You decided to write, the priceless manuals of prayer and meditation which are the treasure of Your Church and by which I have learned all that You have taught me concerning the prayerful life. Allow their words, O Lord I pray, to overshadow mine and shine gloriously so others may come to know the most beneficial teachings which Your Saints have left as guides for Your faithful as we struggle in this Valley of Tears. Protect us little and humble souls, I pray my God, who, although trembling from knowing our own inability to accomplish any good whatsoever by our own actions, step forward and grasp Your outstretched hand with the loving trust of a child as we follow Your call to a life of prayer and fasting beyond that which we little souls could ever hope to endure if left to ourselves, and which, through Your grace, will guide us towards and strengthen us to live a life far higher than we writhing and most wretched creatures deserve. Keep us humble, my Lord I pray, and safe from the countless pitfalls which we, who are so weak, fragile, and meek will, unaided by Your Infinite Mercy and Grace, fall so readily into and from which we have no hope of escape without Your willing us to be free. Amen.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as I was praying about which topic I would address in this weeks letter my eyes happened upon a book which has been my constant companion since well before I came into full communion with the Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ. This profound piece of spiritual writing has inspired countless Saints, numerous Popes, and has enriched the spiritual lives of the faithful for centuries since it was first written. Once entirely lost, as predicted by its author, this masterpiece of St. Louis de Montfort was, by the Grace of God alone, rediscovered and made available to the lay faithful, the Clergy, and Religious alike. “True Devotion to Mary” is most certainly one of the most cherished — if, indeed, not the most cherished — work regarding Marian spirituality ever produced. In this text St. de Montfort outlines not only the complex topic of devotion to our Lord through His Blessed Mother, but he lays out an easy to follow, but no less rigorous, method of consecration to our Lord through His Blessed Mother. However, as valuable as the entirety of St. de Montfort’s work may, indeed, be to anyone who desires to grow closer to our Lord, I wish to focus on only a small part of his masterpiece. In particular, I would like to discuss how St. de Montfort’s description of True Devotion can help us wretched and minuscule souls, those of us who in our weakness struggle daily against even the smallest temptation and know ourselves to be genuinely incapable of exercising any devotion near perfect enough to be worthy of reception by Our Lord Jesus Christ, to, by the Grace of God, move closer to the holy life our Lord and Savior wishes us to lead while we are exiled here in this garden of sorrows.

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