In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

O My Lord, how much you desire the consolation of those whom you have called to Your Church; however, it seems that it is from those of us You have personally called into your embrace that the most significant pain is caused to your Most Blessed and Sacred Heart. Yet we foul and lowly creatures who You in Your endless Mercy have, through your incarnation, sorrowful passion, and glorious resurrection raised to higher glory than even Your angels – a reward to which, without your profound love, we wretched and faithless sinners could not have even aspired – offend you most of all. Why is it that we forget our profound debt to you and fall away from Your never-ending Love only to seek after worldly gain and carnal pleasures? Forgive us, Lord, for we are but the weakest of your creatures and most incapable of producing any good whatsoever. In our feebleness against the worldly temptations and snares of the Devil we are quite unable to resist. His vile and depraved inclinations, which he gives us against the holy and sanctifying uses for which You have deemed all to be good for us, leads us instead to the ruin of our souls. How much our turning from you to the world must pain your Most Adorable and Blessed Heart. Yet still, these of your servants whose offenses you endure cause yet even less suffering than that which is caused by those of us faithless and most foul sinners who – wishing to appear Holy and removed from the influences of the world, and to whom you have bestowed the greatest Grace of ample occasion for prayer, fasting, and penance – squander this greatest of Blessings chasing after vile, depraved, and foul pleasures. For truly, what is a better reward on earth than the ability to spend our lives in intimate conversation with You, Our Most Blessed and Love-able Jesus? Yet, in our lowliness and despicableness we come to you not begging for Good and Holy priests to shepherd your flock, we come not for an increase in vocations to religious and consecrated life, not for the souls of those murdered by abortion each day or for those suffering in purgatory, nor for an increase in the number of your faithful servants, indeed not even for our own sanctification or begging You to bless us with even more faith and love for you that we may eventually be inspired by the Holy Ghost to seek You for these far more holy intercessions. Not for these holy and pure requests do we come to You in prayer, but instead we come to You whining and sniveling about some discomfort or mild annoyance we must suffer, some vanity we can not afford for ourselves, or with the desire for some equally depraved and offensive request. Yet You, ever Merciful Lord, see our pitifulness and in your Great Kindness towards your creatures You fulfill these shameful petitions of we wretched and miserable sinners. You Love to Love us Lord. If only we knew the true depths of your great affection for us most undeserving creatures – if we but knew how much more the pleasure is to You, our God, when we give ourselves entirely to You in order that You, in Your perfection, may make us pure and holy servants upon whom you may bestow spiritual graces, consolations, and divine suffering, a pleasure far surpassing the profound joy it brings you to see your servants praise and glorify you in our religious and pious use of what material goods You do bestow upon us for our spiritual enrichment – we would not squander so readily the valuable little time we have with you in asking for such disgusting and offensive requests as money, fame, or comfort. Instead, if we but truly loved You as You love us, My God, we would implore You to grant to us more faith, love, and an ever greater devotion to You, My Dearest Lord, so that we may become better and more holy servants of Yours here on earth. We would pray that we may be Blessed with intimacy with You, Our Most Blessed Lord, not to fulfill some fleeting worldly desire, but to bring about your Will upon earth and through this to bring more souls – through your Grace and as your instruments alone – from the vile and evil clutches of Satan into the Holy embrace of Your Holy and Catholic Church. O my God, how much the holy and righteous prayers of your servants console your Precious and Adorable Sacred Heart. May you bless us Lord with such profound Love and devotion for You that we, trusting in You to give us all that we would ever need to fulfill your Will for us on earth, come to you in prayer asking only for these most pious and sincere requests: to pray for your Church and all Her servants, to pray for our priests in particular and to beg you for their sanctification – for them to ever increase in their Love for you, Our Lord – and to pray that you keep us ever growing in our devotion and love for you. Let us no longer petition you for that which is selfish and vain. Purify the hearts of your servants, O my God, until that for which they alone long is that to which you Will them to desire. Let us grow in devotion to you, Our God, until there is no will left in us but Your Holy and most perfect Will. Grant this to us, we beg You our Most Loving and Beautiful Lord, through the intercession of Your Holy and Blessed Mother Mary. Amen.

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