In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

My Lord, allow me please I beg you, to say a few little words, even if only of the smallest value, on this most beneficial and holy of topics. A soul as small and wretched as mine will most certainly struggle to say anything of use on such an important topic and therefore, my Lord I pray, You inspire anyone who reads this to seek out priests, bishops, and religious who are far more learned than I am regarding such a profound and divine subject. I am but a humble faithless soul who struggles herself daily against the temptations of this world, and therefore it is with a nervous hand that I seek to write on such a lofty topic. Guide my pen, I beg You my Heavenly Spouse, for without Your inspiration there is but nothing of value which a soul as wretched and vile as mine could ever hope to say upon this subject of spiritual poverty. For we Your servants sojourning here upon this earth the blessing of the love of holy poverty is of extreme benefit. May we gain, by Your grace, a true spirit of poverty – a poverty which is not one which oppresses your servants, although that poverty as well has its value to those who You have chosen to suffer material poverty for their spiritual benefit, but one which liberates we little souls from the entrapment and stares of the Devil. A spirit which frees us to worship You alone with our whole hearts, our whole minds, and our entire souls. Without the poverty of spirit we are left to be servants not of you, our Most Blessed Lord whom we should seek alone to give ourselves over to freely in loving slavery, but we become instead servants of money, of fame, of honors, awards, and accolades – we become, my Lord, servants of ego. We become nothing but servants of the world. We become servants of that master whom seeks only to tempt our souls away from the love of you, our most merciful Lord, and instead spend our days in love and worship of worldly pleasures and comforts. We can not serve two masters – we know this in our souls to be true for you have said it to us Yourself. Why is it then, Lord, that we can not free ourselves from the clutches of this world and instead seek out these temptations of the Devil; temptations which, perhaps, provide some vain and temporary material pleasure but for which we pay with our immortal souls? It is because we are but the weakest and most vile of souls that we trade eternity with You, our most blessed and merciful Lord, for a handful of gold upon the earth. Therefore, my Lord, My Savior, My hope, I beg you to bless all we your servants with hearts overflowing with a profound love of spiritual poverty. Give us the full knowledge, I beg you, of our vile and faithless natures so that we, who are most deserving of only your hatred and justice, may come to know that it is upon you alone, our Lord, whom we should depend for our salvation. It is you alone, and not our fellow men who are just as incapable of raising themselves as we, that we should seek to please – you who has in your infinite mercy for us seen fit to save us from the eternal punishment of Hell which we ourselves have no hope of meriting freedom from, and into which we by our very nature deserve to be cast for all eternity. It is by your mercy alone that we are redeemed. Let us not then seek the rewards, the accolades, the praises, or the benefits which come from a misguided love and seeking after the goods, pleasures, and reputation which can be gained from this world. The price is too high. My Lord, may we never fall into such a wretched state that we see the trade of eternal life in your arms as worth less than the praise of our fellow man. My God forbid this thought from ever entering the minds of your faithful servants. Keep us free, my lord I beg you most earnestly, we little souls who desperately wish to see your face in Heaven, from ever desiring rewards and praises of this world. Let us, knowing fully our wretchedness, seek to be seen by nobody but you, our dearest Lord – and this let us do only with the greatest humility and in a spirit of service and praise. Keep us in our lives seeking to bring glory to you alone through our actions. Let us never seek worldly honors by the use of what little and humble talents You have found fitting to bestow upon us, our Lord, as these You have given to us for a single purpose – to serve and bring glory to You, our Blessed and Merciful Lord. Therefore, let us never, my Lord I pray, seek to dishonor You by seeking to honor ourselves. Bless us with truly humble hearts and fill us with the spirit of true and holy poverty so that we shall never be made slaves to the Enemy. Thusly fortified, my Lord, we shall be set free upon the world as your servants and soldiers and will be strengthened in the warfare being constantly waged against Satan, his minions, and those unrepentant souls whom He as beguiled and corrupted into His most unholy service. Clothe us in the armor of holy humility and arm us with the sword of spiritual poverty and we shall be an army of servants for the Lord against which the enemy and his minions shall never prevail! Thusly fortified we shall be capable, with your Grace our Lord, of resisting even the harshest attacks of the Devil. May we all, your little and timid servants, come to know the true freedom that comes from loving you alone and may we never seek the pleasures given by anyone but you, our Holy Spouse in heaven. Amen

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