Marian Consecration

Preparation Starts

10 April 2019

Preparation Ends

12 May 2019

Consecration Date

13 May 2019

The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

A Few Moments of Housekeeping

Firstly, I am not approaching this as an instructor, but merely a facilitator; therefore, I implore you to speak to Father at your home Parish and let him know that you are going to be consecrating yourself to Mary so that he can help you if you have any issues. The group is merely for support and encouragement as you work through this process.

Secondly, I sincerely request all who consecrate themselves together with the Walking the Little Way community to have a Mass offered at your home parish on behalf of all members of this group. That way we may all not only benefit from companionship on the way towards consecration (or consecration renewal) but also spiritually by praying for each other. If you can not do so it is certainly not an issue, but it would be a nice gesture. If you have a bulletin a picture of the Mass being offered would be a nice gift to everyone involved in the group!

Below is some information about St. Louis de Montfort (whose method we will be following over the 33 days) and the Consecration in general. More details can be found in the book linked on this page. You can purchase this cheaply from Amazon, or if you wish to support your humble author you can purchase it from my bookstore By Mary's Grace (it will most likely not make it to you by the 2019 consecration date; however you'll have it for next years renewal!). Also, if it is sold out on the site be sure to contact me there or through this site so I can get you the book as soon as possible.

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About St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort (31 January 1673 – 28 April 1716) was a French Roman Catholic priest and Confessor. He was known in his time as a preacher and was made a missionary apostolic by Pope Clement XI.

As well as preaching, Montfort found time to write a number of books which went on to become classic Catholic titles and influenced several popes. Montfort is known for his particular devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the practice of praying the Rosary.

Montfort is considered as one of the early writers in the field of Mariology. His most notable works regarding Marian devotions are contained in Secret of the Rosary and True Devotion to Mary.

The Roman Catholic Church, under the pontificate of Pope Pius XII, canonized Montfort on July 20, 1947. A "founders statue" created by Giacomo Parisini is located in an upper niche of the south nave of St. Peter's Basilica.

Consecration Process

The purpose of the consecration is to rid the self of the spirit of the world and to become completely in tune with the lives of Jesus and the Mother Mary. This particular consecration is a thirty-three-day-long process in which the final day falls on a feast day of the Blessed Virgin.

Part I: Twelve Preliminary Days

The first twelve days of the consecration are set aside as the preliminary days, meant to rid one’s self of all outside hindrances. Saint Louis de Montfort declares that this “part of the preparation should be employed in casting off the spirit of the world which is contrary to that of Jesus Christ.” After a short introduction to the preliminary days is given, Saint Louis provides a list of three prayers that should be said daily. These prayers include Veni Creator, Avi Maris Stella, and the Magnificat. Each day also entails a short meditation meant to be reflected upon before the prayers. The daily meditations tend to include one or two bible verses accompanied with a couple reflective words from the saint himself.

Part II: Knowledge of Self

After the twelve days are completed, the consecration moves on to Part II: Knowledge of Self. In this section, Saint Louis de Montfort’s goal for the consecrator is to “consider not so much the opposition that exists between the spirit of Jesus and ours, as the miserable and humiliating state to which our sins have reduced us.” The prayers for this period are a bit longer, consisting of the Litany of the Holy Ghost, Litany of the Blessed Virgin, and the Ave Maris Stella.

Part III: Knowledge of Mary

Once the Knowledge of Self week is complete, the next section of the consecration to be prayed is Part III: Knowledge of Mary. During this period, it is important to reflect upon “the interior life of Mary, namely, her virtues, her sentiments, her actions, her participation in the mysteries of Christ and her union with Him.” The prayers said for this section include the same as the previous. However, the consecrator is to say a daily rosary amid everything else. This week is a more challenging part for consecrators, as it leads to an hour to two hours of prayer and reflection.

Part IV: Knowledge of Jesus Christ

The fourthand final part of Saint Louis de Montfort’s consecration is the Knowledge of Jesus Christ. The prayers for this section include Litany of the Holy Ghost, Ave Maris Stella, Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus, St. Louis de Montfort’s Prayer to Jesus, and O, Jesus Living in Mary. At the finish of the consecration, usually the consecrator is to purchase a chain that can be worn around the wrist as a constant reminder of one’s slave hood to Mary and Jesus. In order for the consecration to be complete, the consecrator must attend Mass on the final day, partake in confession either the week before or after, and do a personal penance for Mary.

Consecration Countdown

The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

St. de Montfort's Method

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