In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

My God, I pray that as I write this, You inspire me. Any good whatsoever that may be found in the following is from You alone. All errors stem from my lack of understanding and wretchedness. May You guide my hand as I write this, and may You bless those who read this with the intelligence to turn away from this writing should it offend You in any way. May I not shine, but Your Glory shows through my writings if it be Your Will. May I, a wretched and faithless sinner, ever decrease except that my vileness may be known so that Your Glory and Honor and Might may increase. May I be merely Your instrument, my Lord. I lay myself at Your feet as a most unworthy servant. Use me as You please, my God. Amen.

I have been reading through “The Way of Perfection” by St. Teresa of Avila once again – I recently purchased the study edition from the Institute of Carmelite Studies, and have been enjoying working through the questions for discussion in my journal as I read. One question struck me following the first chapter: “After Teresa’s example what ‘little that is in our power’ can we do to become good friends of the Lord?” This question came at a very opportune time for me as I am also participating in a small group at our parish called “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” which deals with Divine Mercy and building an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. The question seemed well-timed – thanks Holy Spirit! – and so I felt I would share some of the reflections I had while wrestling with ways I – and we all – could become better friends, indeed “good friends,” of our Lord. Perhaps you will find something useful in here as well.

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