In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Oh, my sweet Jesus please help me as I compose this letter today writing about the small temptations and venial sins that are the ruin of little souls. Those deplorable sins that in their seeming insignificance slip past our minds. Those venial sins which we have, in our wretchedness, fallen into the habit of committing which such frequency that they have become no longer only temptation but routine to our weak and foolish minds. Those sins which cause You, Our Blessed Lord, so much pain on our behalf due to the ease and willingness by which we commit them. We who so often consider not that every sin which we commit pains Your most Sacred and Blessed Heart. How quickly, my God, we offend you. How much we too hurt our souls when we hurt You. When a member of the body aches, it is the head which genuinely experiences the pain. My God if we could be freed, I beg You my Lord through the intercession of Your Blessed Mother Mary ever Virgin – the Immaculate Conception – if we could – by Your Grace – be but freed from all these small temptations how easily would avoidance of more grievous temptations and sins be for we little slaves of Yours. It is these seemingly insignificant sins – actions which in our having committed them so often no longer seem to us to be truly sins at all – which lead us to grow more depraved in the vileness and offensiveness of our way of life. It is the habitual venial sin which leads to habitual mortal sin. It is these little sins themselves which lead us eventually, oh my God may You prevent it, to turn from You entirely unrepentant and fully embracing a life of vile sin and debauchery. A life spent not in loving and serving You, our Beloved Savior, but instead wasted in the pursuit of worthless worldly goods. We become not much more than depraved beasts spending our lives not doing what You command to be good for our spiritual survival but instead giving into our most wretched and vile temptations. If only we could be kept – by your mercy my Lord – from committing these sins with such ease and regularity, but in our wretched nature we can not help but fall into the clutches of the enemy. Protect us then, my Lord I pray, from ever allowing ourselves to grant entry into our minds even the smallest whispers of Satan. Without Your help, my Lord, we little souls have no hope of entering into Your Kingdom. Indeed, we are powerless to do so as it is by Your grace alone that we are granted entrance into Your Kingdom in Heaven. It is little souls who spend our journey continually tripping over the pebbles of sin who find ourselves calloused and hardened to anything upon the way which does not bring us immediate comfort or some depraved pleasure. It is, perhaps, not every day that we commit these tremendous mortal sins – although we indeed commit these often enough to offend You profoundly and cause You grievous suffering; however, it is these small little sins that we commit so frequently without any thought, without any care, without hardly a concern for the pain they will cause you, and lacking all remorse that genuinely lead us – by our choice to turn away from You so often that to do so becomes habitual – into Hell and the clutches of the enemy, Satan. Keep us then, my Lord I pray, from committing these sins and may You bless us with the wisdom, my God I beg You, to be aware of these little temptations as they arise so that they may not pass unknowingly into our minds and expose themselves through our wretched actions. My God if it be Your Will to make us Saints – that purpose for which You created us – and to have us live in union with Your Holy Will please protect us from not only mortal sin but keep us always vigilant against all venial sins as it is these small temptations to sin which will lead us into certain ruin and ultimately away from You, Our Lord whom alone we should love to be near. Amen.

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