In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen

Oh God, please assist me in writing this letter so that it may be beneficial to others and prevent me, my Lord I pray, from appearing to say that one method of prayer is superior and acceptable alone by You, our Lord, who accepts any petition offered with devotion, faithfulness, and humility. Keep what I write in conformity with the teachings of the church, and when I speak about the beauty of the Latin language, the language of Your Holy and Catholic Church, the language which I have been inspired by Your Mercy, my God, to approach you each day in my daily prayers allow me, please I beg You, to do so with an attitude of profound humility. Allow those who read this letter to understand that I do not write this for any sort of self aggrandizement or in order to esteem myself to them for praying in the language of Your Church but that I do so only that my devotion to You, my Lord, may grow more and more each time that I pray in the Latin language. It is an act of humility, my Lord, and an acknowledgement of my unlearned nature that I am unable to think of you so naturally and fluently in my daily language with any level of devotion. If only I knew You more perhaps I would be able express my love for You as intimately as I would to another creature, but I, in my wretchedness, am lacking in love for you and so I humbly pray to you in the words and the language used by Your Holy Church. May the devotion with which You have so mercifully blessed me be shared – and by Your grace – perhaps inspire others to consider making the humble devotional act of learning and praying in the Language of Mother Church. It is a great blessing you have graced us with that we are able to come everyday and speak to you in prayer. If only we knew how great a blessing this was, my Lord, perhaps we lowly creatures would be more willing to set aside our petty distractions and turn to you in loving conversation. May you never cease to increase the devotion and prayerfulness of Your flock. Oh my God if only every prayer we offer You would be as devout, as humble, and as sincere as a Pater Noster offered by a truly repentant sinner in the language of the Church how much more would the praises and prayers of Your people bring joy and happiness to your Sacred Heart. If only this would be true that Mass was offered with this devotion daily I do not think my soul, in its wretchedness, could bear to continue in my vile ways nor that of any other sinner as lowly and faithless as I. In my weakness, my God, I am often unable to separate my daily thoughts, my daily emotions, and my worldly cares from that which is Divine and Holy when I speak to you in the common vernacular of my country. These petty concerns and worldly emotions distract my attention from settling solely upon You. That is why, my Lord, I have chosen to follow your inspiration and come to you in my Office, in my daily rosary, and all other prayers whenever possible using the language which many of your great saints, your servants, and those whom we should be inspired to follow, after only you Our Lord Jesus Christ, prayed. I beg you Lord, my God, that you inspire more of your flock to take up this beautiful yoke so that they may learn and pray in a language through which you have inspired so many Saints, Holy Fathers, Priests, and Religious; a language which requires such reflection, such deliberate thought, and such emotion to express truly what it is that we wish to say to you, our Lord in Heaven, that our prayers can not help but sing out to you the depth of love for you with which you have blessed us. I pray to you most earnestly as I sit and compose this letter that you, my God, guide my hand to write only that which will help others come to understand why you have given us, through the teachings of you Holy and catholic church, the choice of not only praying in the languages of our daily tongue but those of your church, it’s fathers, her holy saints, and all your priests and deacons of old; and I pray that you inspire and fortify more of your flock that they may take up this most rewarding devotional exercise. Amen.

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